Shock, doom, flames! After the restored state security in cooperation with the folk militia occupied the Castle, Vinohrady became the last hiding spot of all of the brilliant Prague intellectuals. It’s not perfectly safe here either though. Not a day goes by that a villain with fake moustache plotting his evil plan isn’t exposed. But even in these dark times there was still a spark of hope and all people heard a voice saying “Long live Fermé!

An oasis of calm and joy, in which beer springs from Eve‘s lap and cocktails are mixed by Jesus himself in his spare time. Here you are welcome, whoever you are. Have our burger and you will be forgiven. Buy our clothes and instead of the gate of heaven you will go through the VIP entrance.“ Maybe it’s true that life changes, but the certainty that remains is that Fermé is and was and will be simply divine.


tibetan dunce

is mixed with shaked fresh ginger A variation on the Moscow mule in which squeezed. In the sacred sugar syrup and strawberry puree, Yuzu juice, lime , Russian Standard is added, and suddenly ginger beer Imperial silence that then occurs, a little bit of a strawberry materialises over the icy Hymalaian horizon. Om.
160 CZK

sour power

A sour drink in the character of pineapple. You have heard about its effects on men a long time ago so we’re going to save you from listening to adolescent drivels and without further ado we will reveal that in this case, El Famoso mezcal, pineapple and lemon juice, passion fruit pate, agave syrup, angostura bitter and egg white all come together. As soon as it’s all “baked” the masterpiece is topped with a dried pineapple
170 CZK

spici mai tai

This is a drink that burns even three times! It’s made of Cortez blanco rum which is infused with rawit chilli (like a super spicy pepper) by yours truly. Then you can taste some apricot Brandy, El Comandante with 75.5% of alcohol, lime and pineapple juice and Giffard almond syrup; all of this is poured over crushed ice, just to be safe.
180 CZK

moon chéri

This cocktail is going to caress your soul if you love chocolate or at least some sensual rides through hot summer nights. It’s made of a 12-year-old Compañero rum choco, Bartida griotka, Giffard cherry brandy, Giffard choco syrup, lemon juice, chocolate bitter, a spoonfull of cherry marmelade and an egg white. On top there is a freeze dried cherry that doesn’t say more than a thousand words but affectionately listens you.
170 CZK

rosa shaker party

Grapefruit Malfy gin was walking about and met Giffard elderflower liqueur. He said: “Look, there go grapefruit and lime juice!” “Oh, you’re right!” said liqueur and asked his younger brother, rosemary syrup, to join them on their way to the party in our shaker. When the party was fully on, we let some Burma tonic along with a slice of grapefruit and some rosemary to join them.
170 CZK

ma'n'go carneval

When you say ‘carnival’ most people imagine naked tanned buttcheeks revelling in confetti and feathers. Not us. We imagine Cachau Ypioca prata mixed with mango pureé and lime juice, in other words, a mango Caipirinha.
140 CZK

moscow mule

A classic of classics, but in our case in premium design where Russian standard meets some fresh lime juice, agnostura bitter and ginger beer Imperial in a copper mug filled with ice. As a decoration we’ve added some mint, care, dried ginger, dried lime and love.
140 CZK

dr.poppy fly

Doctor Moucha first prescribes some poppy infusion to Tovarish vodka. The prescription then says to have the power of three purees - yuzu, raspberry and strawberry; homemade poppy syrup to help with sleeping sickness, Giffard raspberry liqueur, lime juice, Fentimans rose lemonade and at the end poppy seeds crust around. Oral use only. We don’t accept complaints about flies in this drink.
180 CZK

mouche d'amour

Dr. Moucha, as usual, likes to think about ladies. Exclusively for their joy he prepared a mix of blackberry puree, raspberry-blackberry Chambord liqueur and sugar syrup, that is perfected with Prosecco and topped with a lovely blackberry. The product is also adequate for truck drivers or those who operate heavy machinery.
120 CZK


This time Dr. Moucha prescribes some Cortez blanco rum along with a whirlwind of citrus joy, consisting of tangerine puree, homemade tangerine sherbet, fresh orange, lime and Cointreau orange liqueur. It‘s also suitable to treat scurvy.
140 CZK


There are life situations where a regular drink is simply not good enough, and that is why Dr. Moucha come up with an offer of high quality power. Crying mothers and sirens in the background, please calm down; the basis of this drink is entirely legal, great quality Russian standard vodka. Everything is completed with raspberry puree, dessert wine, aperol, grenadine and lime juice. In addition there’s a marshmallow marbled in syrup with a crust of popping powder.
150 CZK

santa mosca

Perhaps the spirit of Christmas led his hand when he mixed Cortez blanco rum and El Comandante overproof rum (which contains 75% alcohol), homemade orange peel syrup, Christmas spices and lime juice. The first apostles had already sat down to talk about the miracle when Dr. Moucha set the cocktail on fire and began to spill it over from cup to cup to soften the strength of rum and perfectly match all the tastes. In the original source we can also read about crushed ice with cream, pear juice and almond syrup or halo of pear and cinnamon.
150 CZK

bay bay

Dr. Moucha returns for the last time to dispel your daily woes. His main weapon this time is Tanqueray gin, which he combines with freshly crushed lemon grass, grapefruit, basil, vanilla syrup and lime juice. The wholesome mixture is then covered with elderberry mousse so that your nostrils can feel as if in a jacuzzi full of bliss.
140 CZK

Burgers & Sandwiches

clown burger

Delicately spicy pulled pork with roasted Cheddar sprinkled with fried onion in a toasted brioche with pickled zucchini, baby spinach and homemade chipotle mayonnaise. A smaller portion of roasted potatoes with our homemade tartar sauce or coleslaw.
220 CZK

halloumi burger

Grilled Halloumi cheese with roasted peppers, eggplant and spinach with pesto dressing, all in a toasted brioche. A smaller portion of roasted potatoes with our homemade tartar sauce / coleslaw.
220 CZK

fried gouda cheese

Gouda cheese fried on Ghi served in bun, homemade tartar sauce and cabbage salad / Served with buttered potatoes and homemade tartar souce.
140/170 CZK

pastrami reuben

Beef pastrami, bread, sauerkraut, russian dressing, emmental cheese and pickles.
180 CZK

bbq pork ribs

Pork ribs with fermented vegetables and chilli souce, kimchi and bread from local bakery.
220 CZK

hot dog / vege hot dog

Sausage / VEGE sausage, bun, caramelized onions, red onions pickled in beer, fried onions, mustard dressing and cheddar cheese.
120 CZK


Selection of cured meat, cheese, green olives, cornichons and toasted sourdough bread from local bakery.
160 CZK

baked flank on the bread

Smoked mackerel spread served on toasted bread from local bakery and sprinkled with spring onion.
90 CZK

baked potatoes with homemade tartar sauce

Spicy roasted potatoes with our homemade tartar sauce. (330g)
85 CZK

Lucemburská 11, Praha 3 (map)
Open daily: 15:00–02:00

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